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Latin. Agrimonia Eupatoria Ro. Agrimonia sau Turiţă mare

- Tortura psihică în spatele unui chip vesel

“De multe ori sunt o prezenţă plăcută celor din jur, lăsând impresia că niciodată nu ai probleme. Bun simţal umorului, foarte sociabil. Ori de câte ori va aparea un necaz vei râde cu privire la aceasta. Imi place armonia și vei evita partea întunecată a vieţii, în speranţa că va dispărea sau se va rezolva de la sine.”

+ Deschidere

“Nu te ascunde necazurile tale în spatele unui zâmbet, comunica în mod deschis sentimentele tale. Potenţialul pozitiv al Agrimony este o abilitate de a comunica sentimentele reale în mod deschis fara a masca cum te simţi cu adevărat.”

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Latin. Populus tremula Ro. Plop Tremurător

- Frica de lucruri necunoscute

“Mi-e teamă de ceva, dar nu pot explica ce este. Am impresia că ceva rău este pe cale să se întâmple - un accident sau o catastrofă, și acest fapt mă face să mă simt anxios, temator sau chiar până la punctul de a avea un atac de panică. Se poate întâmpla atunci când sunt singur sau în prezența altora, ziua sau noaptea.”

+ Reasigurare

“Nu lăsa acel sentiment nelinistitor si inexplicabil sa obțină ce este mai bun din tine. Ai incredere și înfruntă-ți temerile. Potențialul pozitiv al Aspen este o stare de pace și securitate interioară.”

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Latin. Fagus Sylvatica Ro. Fag comun

- Intoleranță

“Observi defectele altora și ești deranjat de comportamentul, atitudinea, modul de a vorbi, modul de a se imbraca a altor persoane, etc. . Critici mereu. Ai propriile valori ridicate și nu poți înțelege de ce alții nu sunt perfecți sau de ce fac greșeli, în plus te simți iritat de acest lucru.”

+ Toleranță

“Vei vedea binele din oameni și lucruri; vei deveni o persoană mai tolerantă și plină de compasiune față de ceilalți și nu critică. Potențialul pozitiv al remediului Beech este un sentiment de compasiune față de ceilalți.”

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- The inability to say 'no'

“You are a quiet and inhibited person that does not like to get into conflicts. You feel good when you help others. Most of the times, you set aside your personal needs in favor of the others. Often you are exploited by stronger personalities and even when you know you are, you have difficulties saying no.”

+ Assertiveness

“Don’t be scared to say no. Express yourself freely; don’t easily get influenced by the opinions of others. The positive potential of Centaury is those who can express and defend their own opinions and can follow their own path unhampered by the opinions of others. ”

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- Lack of trust in one's own decisions

“You often need advice and confirmation from other people, with the risk of being annoying you ask a lot of questions, specially about small details. Many times you will ask several people about the same issue in order to make up your mind. After you decide, it will not take long until you start to question yourself, if indeed you did the right thing.”

+ Self assured

“Trust your inner wisdom and don’t doubt your own judgement. The positive potential of Cerato is shown in those who trust their own inner wisdom and follow it.”

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Cherry Plum

- Fear of losing your mind/sanity

“You are afraid of what you can do or say in a tense situation, because you lack control. In the beginning you controlled and repressed a lot but over time it got worse and worse and now you feel like a volcano about to erupt, there’s no telling what you are capable of. You do not wish to cause harm, but you can barely refrain. If that stage is passed and the tension becomes unbearable, suicide might cross your mind, or stab your spouse... Can be used for PMS when it includes hysteria or Enuresis for kids.”

+ Composure

“Stay cool and don’t lose control; a calm mind can fuel rational thinking. The positive potential of Cherry Plum is a person who has a serene mind and is able to think and act rationally.”

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Chestnut Bud

- Failure to learn from mistakes

“You make the same mistakes over and over again. You rush and you are not careful. You act then think. You are not so bothered by the mistakes and therefore you forget fast what you did, resulting in you remaking the mistake. For example "I said to myself so many times I will not fall in love with married men, because I only get trouble. Now I’m in the same situation again. I do not see where I did wrong" or "I was on a diet and lost a lot of weight, but now I gained it all back, it’s the millionth time this happens to me.". It is also good for ADD.”

+ Insight

“Avoid making the same mistakes over and over; learn from them and move forward. The positive potential of Chestnut bud is to learn from past mistakes, gaining knowledge and wisdom to move forward in life.”

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- Selfish, possessive love, attachment

“You always expect to get something in return for giving your love or services. You are very attached to possessions or people; it might go as far as that you think people belong to you, you own them. You are good in manipulating people and thus you have control over those around you. Sometimes you can even get sick to get the attention of others. You will try to get the love and attention of others by gifts, compliments and if that doesn’t work you might resume to force or complaints or trying to impress negatively in order to at least get pity.”

+ Release

“Don’t become too overprotective and manipulate your loved ones. Take a step back and let them live their own lives. The positive potential of Chicory is an ability to care for others selflessly, without expecting anything in return.”

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- Dreaming of the future without working in the present

“You need a lot of sleep, and even if you get enough rest you have difficulties focusing, you seem half asleep to others. You daydream a lot. You make a lot of plans for the future and you have a very good imagination, but when it comes to actually doing, nothing happens. Always waiting for a better day to start things. You either are too idealistic or too apathetic and you take bad and good news with the same detachment. Being absorbed in your interior world you don’t notice what happens around you, sometimes this leading to accidents, bumping into things. Head in the clouds might describe it better. When you are sick you heal slow, because you do not make efforts to get better. You would rather be alone in your own thoughts. Lacking self preservation instincts its like you want to leave this world early, because you don’t feel you belong here.”


“Get your heads out of the clouds and ignite an interest in the world around you, especially when you feel out of touch with things. The positive potential of clematis is a lively interest in the world around you. ”

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Crab Apple

- The cleansing remedy, also for self-hatred

“You are disgusted or dissatisfied about yourself. You feel dirty. You give too much attention to small details. You tend to ignore what is big and important and care for the little things. You have a profound wish to be pure, to live in order and perfection. You blame yourself a lot if you have any negative thoughts, and you feel like a damned sinner because you sometimes do not live up to that perfection that you desire. This remedy is good for OCD.”

+ Purity

“Accept yourself, don’t let poor self image make you feel unclean. The positive Potential of Crab Apple is acceptance of yourself and your imperfections.”

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- Overwhelmed by responsibility, temporary loss of self esteem

“You are a very capable person, altruist, intelligent and intuitive, but because you are overwhelmed by responsibilities you might think that you do not have what it takes to finish the job, you are exhausted and feel like you can’t keep track with the events. Great remedy for single moms or for people that get extra tasks at work and find themselves in a temporary crisis.”

+ Support

“Beech Tolerance See the good in others and things; be more tolerant and compassionate towards them and don’t be critical. The positive potential of Beech is a sense of compassion towards others. ”

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- Discouragement after a setback, feeling disappointed

“You are easily discouraged when you encounter difficulties, you would like to think that it will be better next time – but actually can’t think this way. A lot of pessimism and doubt surrounds your thoughts, but you still try again. It is used for a lot of unpleasant situations like extended unemployment, for kids whose parents divorce, loss of an animal, if one tries a lot of medical treatments and they show no positive results, people who would give up but can’t due to circumstances.”

+ Encouragement

“Don’t be discouraged when something goes wrong or you encounter a setback. The positive potential of Gentian is the ability to put mistakes in context so you can approach the next challenge to the best of your ability.”

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- Hopelessness and despair, depression

“You feel like you hit rock bottom, the end of the road and have no more strength or will to go on, you think nothing can be changed and therefore have no more hopes. You might try things if family or close friends insist but deep down you have given up.”

+ Hope

“Don’t give up and feel like there is no light at the end of the tunnel. The positive potential of Gorse is a sense of faith and hope.”

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- Chatty, egocentric - most thoughts and actions towards self

“You like to be in the center of attention. Mostly all conversations revolve around you, your family, your plans, how your day went, what you ate, who you met. You like to dramatize, to exaggerate your stories in order to get attention. You get so absorbed in telling your stories that you don’t realize that most of the times you monopolize the discussion. People can’t easily walk away from discussion with you, sometimes you even hold their hand to tell them one more thing before they leave. If you cannot talk with an actual person you will talk on the phone a lot or sms a lot. You are not comfortable alone, in quietness. You must always do something, speak about something. Introverts with a Heather attitude will be more selective of their audience – they will only have a few people who they talk too and pass for a reserved person in general.”

+ Be heard

“Don’t over share; engage in conversations with others without appearing needy. The positive potential of Heather is someone who is able to enter into genuine two way conversations with others, without driving people away.”

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- Suspicion, hatred, envy, resentment, revenge, jealousy

“You feel at least one of the above very strongly. Having all or some of those negative emotions make you burst in anger. Even if because of good education you will refrain, inside you are boiling. It is used also for people who cannot forgive. Many times used for spiritual people to help them faster unite with Divinity.”

+ Goodwill

“Don’t be full of those poisonous emotions. Let go of that jealous feeling and give, without wanting anything in return. The positive potential of Holly is being generous-hearted. This remedy will protect you from all that is not Universal love.”

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- Living in the past, having regrets, nostalgia, missing home

“You find yourself thinking too much of the past, of the glorious days, of those great friends, or the wonderful lifestyle that you had. Most of the conversations you have are about subjects from the past. Used for kids, on the first days of kindergarten or school; if you moved in a new town or country. Or have some regrets like an unfulfilled dream, loss of a loved one, missed opportunity and simply can’t focus on the present.”

+ Be present in the now

“Stop living in the past; use your experiences to fuel your ability to live in the present. The positive potential of Honeysuckle is the ability to live in the present without the past holding you back.”

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- Monday morning feeling, tiredness at the thought of doing something

“You are feeling exhausted usually, no matter how much sleep you get. Dependent on coffee or tea in the morning, the routine and boring tasks of the day seem difficult to handle. As soon as something new and exciting happens suddenly you change mood and get your vitality back, can get up out of bed with no problems and even earlier.”

+ Revitalizes physically and psychologically

“Get motivated and shake off that ‘Monday morning feeling’. Let the certainty in your ability and strength, fuel your motivation. The positive potential of Hornbeam is certainty in your ability and strength to face the day.”

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- Impatience and nervousness

“You can’t stand to wait, to waste time. You might also be bothered when others around move in a slow pace. Many times, because of lack of patience to explain, you rather do things on your own. You tend to finish others’ sentences. Although you get easily irritated you will forget fast and won’t keep a grudge. You work in a fast pace and you need independence, just so that others don’t meddle in your business and slow you down. Sharp minded, intelligent, spontaneous, fast speakers, like to multi-task, very efficient, but sometimes take hasty decisions and are quite difficult to have around because their lack of patience. Might also have ticks like tossing and turning all the time, knocking their fingers into the table.”

+ Patience

“Cope diplomatically with irritating problems in a patient manner. Don’t be impatient with the slow pace of people or things. The positive potential of Impatiens is less hastiness in thoughts and actions.”

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- Lack of confidence in self, inferiority complexes

“Might be a temporary phase or a long term one, but you do not think you are qualified for something, or you are not good enough or you fear failure. Many times you prefer to not interfere or help out of the thought that you cannot do it right, that you will make a fool of yourself. You lose a lot of opportunities in life due to this and other less gifted people get in front of you. You are more like a spectator in life, sheltering from any failures.”

+ Confidence

“Be confident in your abilities; feel a sense of determination with a balanced sense of self-esteem. The positive potential of Larch is the ability to approach different situations with confidence and determination.”

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- Fear of known things, phobias, shyness, social anxiety

“You have specific fears: of going to the dentist, of pain, of darkness, of tight spaces, of any animal or insect or birds, of having accidents, of being poor, of getting old, of dyeing, of loosing friends, to publicly speak and the list could go on and on. The difference between this and Rock Rose is that you do not get to panic attacks or terror. It can be used just for the moment or in long term.”

+ Courage

“Don’t let doubts and fears bother you, embrace them and face difficulties with courage. The positive potential of Mimulus is the courage to face trails and difficulties with perspective.”

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- Powerful depression for no reason

“You feel like a cloud of unhappiness suddenly surrounds you and it is so deep that you cannot hide it from others. It does not have a specific cause, and whatever you do you can’t get out of it. It is overwhelming but as it comes, so it goes away. Sometimes the intensity might be just as a melancholy or passing indisposition, but for some reason it separates you from the exterior world, you cannot enjoy life anymore. Useful for PMS, adolescence, after delivering a baby or menopause.”

+ Brightness

“Get rid of that glum feeling and welcome light and joy into your life. The positive potential of Mustard is the return of joy.”

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- The plodder who keeps going past the point of exhaustion

“You posses a lot of willpower, determination and courage; you are ready to go against any obstacle, to defy the impossible. You do not like to show weakness and most of the times you drain yourself of energy. You do not listen to your body when it gives signals that it’s time to stop and if you get sick you are bothered that it slows you down or stopping you from achieving your goal. Workaholics or people extremely attached to a sense of duty and responsibility. Because of overworking or overdoing things they might have nervous breakdowns or go through difficult times.”

+ Strength

“Don’t struggle on and push yourself too hard, allow yourself some time to relax and re charge. The positive potential of Oak is the ability to be strong but understand your own limits. Also revitalizes you.”

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- Exhaustion following mental or physical effort

“It can help if you take it for a short while after being sick, after lack of sleep, giving birth, exam sessions. If you are tired after doing something now, or if you overworked for years and now you feel drained of energy.”

+ Restoration

“Tired after making an effort? Let go and allow yourself to revitalize and restore your mental energy . The positive potential of Olive is to revitalize yourself after making an effort.”

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- Guilt, self-reproaches

“You are overwhelmed with a guilt feeling, you tend to say sorry too often; you will most likely feel guilty for all failures in life, even when you are not to blame. You have a negative impression of yourself and are never satisfied with what you’ve done. You think you could have done it better, harshly judge yourself and you self-punish a lot. Humble person, you tend to give a lot but do not know to receive. You might sacrifice yourself for the good of others, having the certainty that you do not deserve to be happy.”

+ Absolution

“Stop blaming yourself and feeling guilty. The positive potential of Pine is the ability to acknowledge mistakes but not to dwell on them.”

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Red Chestnut

- Fear or over-concern for the welfare of loved/close ones

“Your focus is on your close ones, what might happen to them. You tent to call a lot or just suffer in your mind. Examples might be: a wife worried that her husband is home late and that he might have had an accident on the way, a dad that can’t sleep until his 22 year old daughter comes back from a party, a grandma that puts two pair of hats on a kid just to be sure he doesn’t catch a cold, a mom that wakes up several times a night just to check if the kids are ok. This might apply to doctors, nurses, psychologists that get over involved with their patients. Many of the times, this care is unfounded as the others are perfectly fine and also this excessive care only limits their freedom and independence.”

+ Peace of mind

“Stop feeling overly concerned for others. The positive potential of Red Chestnut is the ability to care for others with the right level of compassion but without the worry.”

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Rock Rose

- Extreme fear, terror and panic

“If an usual fear increases in intensity this is what you need. It can be used if you had an accident, witnessed a catastrophe of some sort, confront yourself with a serious illness or extremely bad news, when you go to an exam an d suddenly you forget everything you learned, if you have recurrent nightmares, for panic attacks or just general anxious people.. Most of the thought you have are “I was stunned by fear”, “I froze for a few moments” “My mind stopped”. ”

+ Fearlessness

“Don’t get overwhelmed by scary situations, embrace them with courage. The positive potential of Rock Rose is courage and presence of mind.”

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Rock Water

- Perfectionism, self-denial, rigidity and self-repression

“It is the only remedy that is not made from a flower, but spring water. It is for you if you tend to have fixed ideas, are preoccupied by high standards, religious, spiritual, moral, maybe have a strict daily schedule, self-impose discipline, overworking to reach the high standards – when you don’t finish you self-torment yourself with blame, wish to be an example for others, do not really know how to relax and enjoy life because of all this. Also good for people who are dieting or have a healthy life style, but they tend to overdo it.”

+ Flexibility

“Don’t be so hard on yourself and set yourself inflexible and high goals. The positive potential of Rock Water is a flexible attitude towards achieving your goals.”

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- Inability to choose between alternatives or difficulties in taking decisions, mood swings

“If today you’re happy and tomorrow you are sad, or maybe the mood changes even faster. Or maybe you r energy levels shift drastically, and you never feel balanced. If you have to choose it will take you a long time; the more important the decision the more time it takes you to make up your mind. You might end up going several times to the store in order to buy what you need, because you could not decide the first time. You prefer not to involve other people in your decisions, but are tormented by over thinking on the alternatives.”

+ Decisiveness

“Don’t hesitate and be uncertain. Be decisive in situations where you struggle to make decisions. The positive potential of Scleranthus is certainty and decisiveness.”

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Star of Bethlehem

- Traumas, secondary effects from shock

“If you had a trauma or shock in your life this is the remedy for you. Can be used to help after getting an extremely bad news, death of someone close, divorce of the parents, unemployment/long term financial problems, breakups, abuse, aggressiveness, If the traumas are not addressed correctly at that time one might have secondary effects like nightmares, nervous breakdowns, physical or psychological diseases, panic attacks, general anxiety, ticks, obsessions, phobias – these are just ways of our body telling us there has been a trauma and there is something still unresolved that is linked to it.”

+ Comfort

“Don’t let the shock of a bad experience hold you back. Balance your emotions and deal with the situation. The positive potential of the Star of Bethlehem is being strong.”

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Sweet Chestnut

- Extreme mental anguish, when everything has been tried and there is no light left

“You feel that you reached your limit and feel overwhelmed by sadness, desperation; you are heartbroken and in agony and can no longer think about the future or the past, you feel trapped in the pain that is present. You feel there is no hope left and even God has forsaken you. The cause might happen now or be in the past but still it haunts you; could be: death of a loved one, for kids loss of a parent, terminal disease, prison, wars, financial crisis, etc.”

+ Solace

“Let go of anguish. Embrace optimism and peace of mind. See the light at the end of the tunnel and become strong. The positive potential of Sweet Chestnut is having hope.”

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- Over-enthusiasm for a cause or ideal, fanatics, bothered by injustice

“You are capable of putting out a lot of effort to support a cause or a goal, but you overwork pushing your physical limits, therefore you feel exhausted or might even have muscular tensions or nervous breakdowns. You never give up on your ideas and you love to debate. You are very sensitive to what you consider being fair and just and will go all the way to fight the system. Overdoing things and being so focused on accomplishing those tasks might turn you into an intolerant person that cannot see other points of view; you probably will get angry most of the time and not listen to any advice from the outside. ”

+ Unwind

“Remain strong willed and enthusiastic, but be open to flexible ideas from others. The positive potential of Vervain is serenity, wisdom and tolerance.”

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- Dominance and inflexibility

“When you want to obtain something there is no stopping you in the sense that you will step over bodies in order to do so. Too direct, too aggressive, you do not care how others feel or if they get hurt in the process; also inflexible and demand that everyone listens to you without adversity. You think you know what is best and if you are contradicted you will express verbal harshness, physical or even cruelty. You love to be in control, to have the power, and have little or no understanding or compassion for others.”

+ Wisdom

“Be open and flexible, without appearing dominant. The positive potential of Vine is determination without domination.”

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- Protection from change and unwanted influences

“You are easily influenced by the environment, weather, people around you, whether it is physical or emotional. It is useful in all kinds of situations: changing jobs, moving to another town or country, starting of school, lifestyle changes, divorce, retirement, growing teeth, puberty, pregnancy, menopause. It also can be used for addictions: a person, alcohol, smoking, drugs. ”

+ Constancy

“Change is a part of life, encourage yourself to move forward and adapt. The positive potential of Walnut is the ability to move forward and make changes in life with a sense of constancy.”

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Water Violet

- Arrogance, quiet self-reliance leading to isolation

“When you have some issues, you prefer to deal with them yourself rather than ask for help. If someone wants to help you will politely refuse, saying that you have it under control, even if you do not. You feel fine alone and you don’t like most people, that’s why you don’t have many friends. You do not like to meddle in someone else’s business and hate it if someone intervenes in yours. If that happens, you will isolate yourself hiding behind a barrier. This attitude is perceived by others as being too proud or arrogant.”

+ Connect

“Allow yourself to reach out to others. The positive potential of Water Violet is a warmer relationship with others while maintaining one's own wisdom and dignity.”

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White Chestnut

- Repeated unwanted thoughts and mental arguments

“No matter how much you try to quiet your mind you are unsuccessful. The same thoughts go on and on and you lose focus daytime, you become careless and in the night cannot sleep because of the continuous chatter that goes on in your head. You tend to overanalyze things and think : ~ Should have done that or this… ~.”

+ Tranquility

“Don’t let those repetitive thoughts get in the way. The positive potential of White Chestnut is peace of mind.”

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Wild Oat

- Uncertainty over one's direction in life, wanting to do something that matters

“You try a lot of things in life but seem to not know what your way is and none of them make you happy. Although you might have an idea of what you want in life, you can’t quite figure it all out. You feel frustrated and bored thinking you wasted your life and done nothing of great importance.”

+ Direction

“Get a clearer picture of what you want in life; define your goals and give them direction. The positive potential of Wild Oat is the ability to decide on the right path.”

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Wild Rose

- Resignation, apathy

“You accept things as they are, don’t make any efforts to change them even if it is not good for you. You don’t complain, but say "I can’t do anything about it." . You lack enthusiasm and feel devitalized. Sometimes the answers to your troubles are right in front of you but because you do not look for solutions you will not see them nor will end up taking any actions, to the desperation of others. This can be applied to a disease, unemployment, trouble in the family, etc. ”

+ Enthusiasm

“Be enthusiastic and live life to the fullest. Reignite your interest in life, work and the world in general. The positive potential of Wild Rose is a lively interest in life.”

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- Self-pity and resentment

“You think life is unfair. You consider yourself a victim and do not feel responsible for your misfortune but always blame others, family, friends, colleagues, parents, partners, children, weather, the car, society, life, fate – anyone or anything, just not yourself. In an advanced state a person like this will spread around their negativity, disappointment, unhappiness. You do not forget or forgive easily, but do not seek revenge; you just keep grudges and accumulate resentment. Always a pessimist, won’t see the positive changes and will think that nothing can be changed and also you will feel bothered by someone else’s happiness not understanding what you did wrong to deserve the unhappiness that you have.”

+ Positivity

“Forget past injustices and stop feeling sorry for yourself, be in control of your destiny and have faith in others. The positive potential of Willow is positivity and optimism. ”