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Drammen - Norway and Bucharest - Romania

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Life is the dance of opposites.
Being at peace with both is the key to real transformation.

My name is Felicia and I was born in Bucharest, the wonderful capital of Romania.

Who I am as a human and as a soul is ever changing – ever evolving, it is not something one can define, write about or talk about because ultimately there are no words to express such things. It can be felt though.  At the same time this is just a webpage, so I will have to do my best and use what I can.

I will write in the hopes of giving you a chance to get to know a bit more about me and to be able to feel my energy and decide if you want to collaborate in any shape or form.

I will tell you my life story and at the end, I will add other details – how I work as a therapist, some astrological facts about me, my professional training and things that I self-studied and experimented with so far. If you are only curious about those, you can skip the story and scroll to the bottom of the page.

Otherwise, here we go…

I was blessed with many gifts and many hardships from the beginning of my life, even before I was born. This life has always been about finding balance, about bringing the 2 extremes together in all aspects. It wasn’t easy to get where I am now, and still I cannot claim it is all perfectly aligned, but I did arrive at a place of more inner peace. It was and still is hard in some aspects, and I see myself as a “work in progress”.  Not because I feel broken, but because I see our infinite potential to experiment and evolve. So even if one of my goals in this life is illumination I know deeply that that is not the end of it and there can be no end to it. Life just is.

So from this human perspective that I live now, I feel very thankful for my experiences: the good, the bad and the in between. Because of all that I lived, I got the chance to transform, to evolve and to reconnect with God on a deeper level.

And I love to share my journey with the world.

From a young age I had a natural inclination to help those around me. Or maybe it’s just an enthusiasm for life and all its possibilities.

The first big impact that I am aware of, was when I was only 3 years old and I motivated my best friend to walk for the very first time, months after a big spine surgery that left him in a wheelchair.

I consider this one of the gifts I was given, the ability to believe that anything is possible and to genuinely channel energy and enthusiasm in order for things to materialize.

Naturally, over time, I developed a passion for the human body and its extraordinary abilities to heal. So I informed myself and experimented on my own, helped close friends and family, and later on clients. Over the years, I have tested the healing power of plants, some dietary regimes, the impact of lifestyle changes, sport and movement and what not.

At the age of 16, after many traumas, my body gave out and I became quite unwell.

Among other things, I started to suffer from strong respiratory allergies, which became more complicated as the years went by, with anaphylactic shocks and close to 0 medical successes. Since the medicines were becoming more and more useless, I went to a lot of doctors and the verdict was always the same “it can’t be cured” “this is the best we can do”.

But there were no such things in my vocabulary, I had this inner knowledge, this inner certainty that it can. I can cure it. My intuition was strong and I had patience. And after 15 years of trial and error, I had the first year in which I could declare that I no longer suffer from allergies. Without any medicinal or natural treatment. Since then, 8 years have passed (now in 2024) and my successes have continued to appear in both personal issues and with other people.

As a child, I wasn’t encouraged to follow my passions. I was actually denied and discouraged, time and time again. I had to struggle towards them.

As a young adult I was still struggling with this.  I first gave up my dreams and passions and ended up studying completely something else (financial-banking management). After several years of work in different industries, of not finding “my place”, “by chance” I ended up working in a private hospital in Romania and I saw the impact that doctors have on people. Once again, I found myself motivated to learn more, to ask the right questions. I was even thinking that maybe I can resume my dream of studying medicine or psychology. And that I did.

Having a lot of contact with both patients and doctors in those days, I noticed that for many patients things were just not working out. Standard medicine was not enough. Even natural remedies didn’t seem to work.  As a matter of fact, I was one of those people, me and my allergies. Why?

I started to question everything once again and “why” became my favorite question.

I was very curious and eager to understand the differences between people. What causes them?

How can something be universally applicable when people are so unique?

How can one cure diseases most efficiently?

Why do people have to struggle so much?

I had this inner urge to study, to find out the patterns and to test how they apply. And so, I did what I am best at: observing and more observing, asking questions to myself and others and trying out things. Searching high and low for answers, until everything becomes clear. And so it did.

I started with self-help books and therapies since high school, progressed to my own sessions with different psychologists, over the years. Never stopping. Taking breaks, but never giving up on my questions. During a personal session, I spoke with a psychologist and learned about Dr. Bach’s Flower Remedies. It seemed interesting so “why” not?  And so I tried them. Their effect convinced me almost instantly and from that moment I knew I had found one of the best natural therapies: a gentle, safe therapy that can be applied to anyone. The happiness and relief I felt was huge! I started to use the original remedies in the therapies I as offering. Years after, I also started making my own, out of other flowers and I teach people how to do it themselves.

After a short while, I decided to find something else that would work on the same natural principles, but something that is more physical. Over the years I have personally tried several body therapies with very good results. However, my first Bowen therapy session simply blew me away. Something so delicate, had such a huge impact on my body. I immediately enrolled in the training courses. I was fascinated by the case studies presented at the opening of the course and I have to admit, with quite a lot of skepticism, I started applying the therapy to a few close people. I had the same great results! And over time, with each new patient I discovered more and more how powerful this therapy is. To this day, 9 years after completing the course, this therapy still surprises me and is one of my favorites.

And that was just the beginning. I experimented and I learned a lot the past years. After integrating what was needed, I found myself going more and more towards spirituality and the energetics of life. And now I have stopped learning mentally and I dedicate myself more to the not so obvious part of things. Intuition and feelings have become my focus point. This was my story so far.

These days, I can use in therapy sessions several therapies (separate or combined) including an intuitive form of coaching. To be honest, I prefer the coaching part because it is the fastest way to find and clear out the blockages that keep you stuck or unhealthy.  After all, we are created perfectly, it is our mind that gets in the way of it all, don’t you think?

So in a nutshell, this is about it – regarding the therapy part. I chose the most powerful therapies out of all that I experimented with. They all have an effect on the body, the mind and the soul and complement each other wonderfully. At the same time, I am not limiting myself to them and if for any reason at all, I personally cannot help with an issue, I will recommend other therapies or therapists that can. After all, I am trying new ones all the time, so there is a big chance that there exists something for you too.

Just know that for me, as a therapist, it’s very important that you become self-sustainable. That you learn to understand yourself and fix yourself, that you take responsibility for your own life and journey through life. I am here to guide. I can help temporarily, I can support you, and at the same time the end goal is that you don’t need me.

And this brings me to the part of “the others”.  The other things I have interest in.

These days I like to teach, both kids and adults and I held some small workshops so far.

I love nature and permaculture and I can help with a garden design or solutions in this area.

I love to improve whatever I can and I have been a valuable asset to companies that need this service. No matter the area of activity, I am quite talented at finding what does not work and guiding towards what does work.

And I love to write, and that is probably most obvious, considering the size of this text :))))

The only question that remains is: am I the right person for you?
Only you can feel and know that for sure.

So, if you see value in me as a person and you have ideas within these areas of interest, please reach out here. I love new projects and I love collaborations!

Also if you feel ready to work together with me as a therapist, contact me here. (baga hiperlink)

We can have a 1 to 1 meeting  (online or face to face, depending where I am located at that time) and take it from there.

However, if you don’t feel it or you feel uncertain, maybe by taking a look through the site you will find what you came here for, as it is not a coincidence you landed on my page. You can check out my blog (baga hyperlink), the free resources, the therapies  I use, my Facebook, my youtube channel..

For more inspiration, I give you more content.

This is how I work.  (ß click here)  (hyperlink la o pagina numita fix asa, testul ala cu verde d-aia sunt highligeted mai jos submeniu la about me)

These are some astrological facts about me. (ß click here)   (hyperlink la o pagina numita My human design, submeniu la about me)

This is my professional training: (ß click here) submeniu la about me

And the subjects that I self-studied and experimented with are here. (ß click here) submeniu la about me