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What are floral essence remedies?

They are liquid extracts used to address profound issues of emotional well-being, soul development, and mind-body health. They are odorless and tasteless.

This type of therapy is one of the most profound and effective ones and was discovered by Dr. Edward Bach (1986-1936), a British homeopathic physician. Dr. Bach found that the state of mind and motivation are closely related to the state of health and therefore in the process of prevention and healing the emphasis should fall on the soul, mind and emotions. Want to find out more about Dr. Bach?  You can read more here.

So after years and years of research and testing, he found out that the diseases we suffer from are closely related to the emotional disturbances that appeared as a result of the interaction with everything that surrounds us or in some cases traumatic events in our life. Sometimes it can be just about personality imperfections. All these imbalances weaken the immune system and vitality, and in this way create the ideal ground for disease. These drops help to restore balance and health.

Since Dr. Bach’s discovery, more and more people studied flowers and their effects on humans & animals and found out each flower has it’s unique effect.

Want to take a look at the description of some of them? Click here.

It feels so good to have the possibility of using these natural remedies as a support for restoring the inner balance. I personally like to use them as a helper in difficult times and avoid totally relying on them. But that is just personal preference. Are you curious why?

How does a floral essence help?


Vices are changed into virtues, negative emotions into positive emotions, freeing us from masks and damaging behavioral patterns so that the heart and mind are in harmony. They work on the emotional level and the energetic, and then strongly impacts the phisical body.

Bach remedies help us to heal the body and at the same time to climb the steps of soul evolution to be able to manifest at a higher spiritual level.

They are also used as a complement to personal development sessions or psychological therapy, helping a lot in this process and speeding up the results.

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How are they administered?

They are administered internally. You can drip a few drops into any drink, several times a day. Even in soup if you’d like, but I suggest to add them to simple water. Floral remedies can be taken as a stand-alone treatment or in other cases in combination with other allopathic, homeopathic or naturopathic treatments.

Who can take them?

Literally everybody.

They can be administered from newborns to the elderly, including pregnant women. Plants and animals can also benefit from this therapy also.

They have no contraindications and therefore can be used by anyone without problems.

The only precaution is when giving to babies – make sure you give the version without alcohol. Ideally also without glycerin.

What can they be used for?

  • eliminating stress
  • emotional pain caused by traumatic events
  • emotional recovery after separation of parents, death of a loved one, shocks, accident, mental abuse
  • panic attacks, states of fear, anxiety
  • shyness, lack of self-confidence and communication problems
  • tiredness
  • indecision or improving decision-making capacity
  • phobias
  • obsessive-compulsive disorders
  • fear of failure, of loneliness
  • intolerance and tendencies towards criticism
  • perfectionism
  • elimination of psychological factors that maintain health problems, including sexual disorders
  • jealousy, mistrust, suspicion
  • self-blame
  • depression, apathy
  • nightmares, night terrors
  • clarifying the purpose in life
  • inability to learn from mistakes
  • nostalgia, regrets, thoughts anchored in the past
  • finding inner balance

What is a session like?

During a session you and the therapist will have a conversation about your struggles. The therapist will take notes and at the end will choose what flower remedies suit you best.

Do you need more details? You can find here frequently asked questions. (hyperling la pagina fd FAQ)

Want to make your own?

Yes you can!

 I love self sustainability and feel very happy to share the knowledge. Read more here. (link la articol, articolul va fi pe pagina de blog)

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