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How To Apply Bowen

The patient can be laid on a bed or a massage table, covered, in a comfortable position. If necessary, Bowen treatment can also be applied to a patient seated on a chair.

A treatment consists of applying gentle movements, performed with the fingers, on specific points on the muscles and connective tissue, either directly on the skin or over light clothing. By applying these movements, messages are transmitted through the nervous system, recovering the cellular memory of an ideal state of relaxation and balance.

Between each set of movements, there are a few minutes of pause, during which the patient rests alone in the room. This gives the body the necessary time to process the messages triggered by the Bowen movements and to initiate the healing process.

The results can be remarkable even from the first session, with the self-healing process continuing over the following days.

Treatments are usually applied at intervals of seven days. In most cases, only a few treatment sessions are needed for acute conditions, while chronic conditions will require more treatment sessions.

Unlike other manual therapies, the Bowen Technique does not use forceful manipulations. The therapist does not force the patient’s body to execute a command but allows it to undertake the necessary actions to self-heal, at its own pace.